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Resource Centre

Studying overseas can be daunting for many students. It is important to do your own research to gain as much information as possible before embarking on your overseas study journey. Resources below contain useful important information to help you maximize your overseas study experience.

- Making the Most of
Your Overseas Studies
- Preparing for Coming Home

- Insurance
- How to Be a Good Ambassador
- Reverse Culture Shock

- Pre-departure
- Tips on Well-being &
Looking After Yourselves
- Transferring Your Skills for Employment

- Top Packing Tips
- Cross Cultural Adaptations 
- Global Connect (link to Facebook group)

- Passport and Visa Information
- ANU Exchange Network
- Exchange Information Sessions:
1. Exchange 101 - Info Session (interactive).pdf
2. Cultural Awareness Info-Session Slides
3. Exchange 301 - Nomination Briefing.pdf
4. Pre-departure Briefing Slides 

- PRIMO Information Sessions:
GP PRIMO Presentation Semester 2 2019 - Summer 2020.pdf
- Other resources: