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Staff : Listing

Following is a listing of staff members. Click the staff member's name to view office hours and contact details.
This table shows a listing of staff members.
Name Email Phone
Kannika Afonso unavailable
Laurel Alexander unavailable
Erica Anand unavailable
Madison Ashurst unavailable
Russell Atkinson unavailable
Margret Biersack unavailable
Edwina Breingan unavailable
Andrew Carfrae unavailable
Jennifer Clynk unavailable
Patrick Conroy unavailable
Sam Craft 02 6125 8672
Sally Davies unavailable
Matthew Davis unavailable
Malabika De unavailable
Alexa Dodd unavailable
Amy Doughty unavailable
Elaine Ee unavailable
Alida Gyory unavailable
Tabitha (STAFF) Hart unavailable
Hiroki Ikedo unavailable
Janelle Ireland unavailable
Qiyue Jian unavailable
Ying Kang unavailable
Kezia (STAFF) Kartika unavailable
Amy Kerr-Menz unavailable
Eunju Kim unavailable
Simon Kokoszko unavailable
Leila Kouatly unavailable
Daniel Lee unavailable
Emma Lin unavailable
Imelda Manalac unavailable
Dave Mclean unavailable
Patrice McLellan*removed unavailable
Kate McLinton unavailable
Mick Meece unavailable
Ariam Merid unavailable
Amy Ng unavailable
Myo Nguyen unavailable
Vy Nguyen unavailable
Stephen Norris unavailable
Montakan O'Neill unavailable
Patty Oxborrow unavailable
Justine Palis unavailable
Callie Price unavailable
Vivien Silvey unavailable
Olivia Smith unavailable
Zoe Spaleta unavailable
Janet Street 61259264
CAP Student Centre unavailable
Nicolas Sylvestre unavailable
Kirby Taylor unavailable
Natalie Renee Young unavailable