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Year in Asia - Tokyo University of Foreign Studies, Japan
Tokyo, Japan (Exchange Program) (Outgoing Program)
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This program is currently not accepting applications.
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Restrictions: ANU applicants only
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Year in Asia
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About Tokyo University for Foreign Studies

Tokyo University of Foreign Studies

Tokyo University of Foreign Studies, often referred to as TUFS, is a specialist research university in Fuchu, Tokyo, Japan. TUFS is primarily devoted to foreign language, international affairs and foreign studies. The University is the oldest academic institution devoted to international studies in Japan. It began as the Institute for Research of Foreign Documents, a Tokugawa shougunate's translation bureau set up in 1857. It was subsequently established as an independent educational and research institution with the name Tokyo School of Foreign Languages in 1899.



Courses and areas of study




All exchange students will take language subjects from within the Japanese Language Program. The main course students are requested to enrol in is called "Sogo Nihongo" (Integrated Japanese). This course is offered at various levels and is held 2~5 times per week.

Exchange students are also placed in either the International Studies Course or the Japan Studies Course based on the elective subjects they wish to take. The International Studies Course is for students who want to study global topics from a cross-regional perspective. The Japanese Studies Course is for those students who want to learn Japanese broadly and in depth from an international perspective. Some of the classes will be conducted in Japanese.

Find out more about Japanese Language Program and the Japanese/International Studies Course.



Credit Equivalencies

The equivalent of 24 units of credit at ANU is 15 credits at TUFS. A study plan must be approved by ANU before students commence the program.




Accommodation Links


Most exchange students reside in one of two TUFS International Residences on the TUFS campus. Built in 2004 and 2006, both Residences are well-equipped. The dormitories include single rooms as well as several couple and family rooms.

Fees at the TUFS International Residence are generally very low compared to similar private housing, and depend on the type of room (single, couple, and family). Students also have to pay for utility services such as electricity, water, and gas. Students who maintain a telephone line in their room will also have to pay the requisite costs, but most international students opt for a mobile phone. The university does not currently offer a meal plan. However, the on-campus cafeterias offer good meals at low cost, and students can prepare meals themselves using the kitchen facilities in their rooms or the larger shared kitchen in each Residence.



Other costs

The costs of studying overseas vary greatly depending on your lifestyle and where you go. Major costs are your return airfare, accommodation and living expenses, which vary from country to country. Living and travel costs range from as little as $2000 in total for short-term international study programs, up to $2000 per month (more in some high-cost countries) for full semester or year programs. Some partner universities also require you to pay for health insurance, orientation or extra-curricular activities, so be aware that extra costs like these might pop up.

Indicative travel and living costs can be found on websites such as:

Lonely Planet

STA Travel

For all ANU endorsed programs you continue to pay your fees to ANU, but you are exempt from paying tuition fees to the institution overseas. Often long-term overseas study will not cost much more than studying in Australia and it will give you an experience of a lifetime.



Funding opportunities

Engage Asia Travel Guarantee

The ANU College of Asia and the Pacific provides guaranteed financial support to students studying in Asia and the Pacific as part of their degree.


It's possible to hold more than one scholarship, bursary or grant at a time, so checking out all of the funding opportunities available to you is a good idea.

You may also be able to source some funding through our partner universities - they provide scholarships and grants to encourage you to choose them as your destination.


OS-HELP is a Government loan scheme to assist eligible Australian students enrolled in a Commonwealth supported place, who wish to undertake an overseas experience as part of their degree.



Language of instruction

Japanese and English

Restrictions and Considerations

Year in Asia is only offered as a major in the Bachelor of Asia-Pacific Studies (Year in Asia) program. This degree is offered as a single degree, or within the Flexible Double Degree structure. The Year in Asia Major comprises two 24 unit ‘umbrella’ courses which will be comprised of the courses you will study overseas. The unit load of these courses will be the equivalent of a full time load here at the ANU for both semesters. It is also recommended that you participate in the blogging, discussion board and Instagram activities within the wattle site, in order to be an active part of the Year in Asia community, and engage in reflective learning practices. If your application for Year in Asia is successful, you will need to transfer into the Bachelor of Asia-Pacific Studies (Year in Asia) program.

For full admission requirements for the Bachelor of Asia Pacific Studies (Year in Asia) see Programs and Courses.

Please note that admission to Year in Asia is on a competitive basis. Where places are limited, students will be selected on academic merit.


Other information

TUFS Exchange Guidebook

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Dates / Deadlines:
Applications for this program are not currently open. If this is an ANU exchange program, you can view the next exchange program application opening dates and closing deadlines here.
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This program is currently not accepting applications.

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