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Programs : Brochure

This page is the brochure for your selected program. You can view the provided information for this program on this page and click on the available buttons for additional options.
  • Program Terms: Semester 1
  • Restrictions: ANU applicants only
Dates / Deadlines:
Dates / Deadlines:
Term Year App Deadline Decision Date Start Date End Date
Semester 1 2021 31/05/2020 14/08/2020 TBA TBA
Program Description:
ARCH8002Mt Fuji bySimon Tenner
Image: Simon Tenner: ARCH2022 (Cultural Landscapes of Environmental Change) Digital Grant recipient, Summer Session 2018. “The view of Mt Fuji from Lake Motosu, the same view that can be seen on the 1000 Yen note. We were very lucky this day to have such a clear view. One of our Japanese lecturers said this is the best Fuji he has ever seen in his life."


The CAP Digital Grants program provides support to students with demonstrated photographic creativity in exchange for visually engaging content from their overseas experiences. The College will share this content through its online and published media channels to encourage more students to take part in our in-country programs.

The CAP Digital Grant is for amateur photographers who are able to capture unique experiences and special moments through a lense.

The successful Digital Grant recipients will be provided with assistance in preparing for success, including maintaining cultural awareness, consideration for fellow participants, quick guides for capturing and editing images and helpful hints and tricks to refresh your memory! 

Eligibility and Selection Criteria

All ANU undergraduate students and postgraduate students traveling on a CAP overseas mobility program are eligible to apply for a CAP Digital Grants. 

This grant round specifically relates to students travelling on short winter programs.
All you need to do is tell us in 250 words or less what you think makes visual content engaging, and upload examples of your own photography. 

Application Details

Applications for students undertaking the following programs will close on Sunday 17 November 2019. 

If you are successful, you will be advised of your application outcome by Wednesday 20 November 2019 and must be able to confirm your participation in the Digital Grant program by Tuesday 26 November 2019.
  • Summer Session, 2020 - INDN2525/6525, Learning Language Locally, Indonesia 
  • Summer Session, 2020 - JPNS2525/6525, Learning Language Locally, Osaka - Japan
  • Summer Session, 2020 - JPNS2525/6525, Learning Language Locally, Akita - Japan 
  • Summer Session, 2020 - ARCH2022/6022, Cultural Landscapes and Environmental Change 
  • Summer Session, 2020 - Dive into New Delhi 
  • Semester 1, 2020 - ASIA3551, Year in Asia 

Submission Requirements for the CAP Digital Grant (Photography)

Depending on the length of your mobility program, successful applicants will be required to submit a minimum of ten high resolution images (each in RAW, JPEG and edited JPEG format) each with a caption/description, at regular intervals throughout the duration of your program.

Requirements for each program are as follows:
Short courses:
Minimum of five images halfway through the program, plus five images upon completion of your program.

Semester in Asia:
Minimum of five images every month of your program.

Year in Asia:
Minimum of five images every month of your program.
Submission deadline:
Submissions and captions must be submitted within two weeks from the completion of your program.

Participants of all programs are also required to complete a short profile questionnaire of approximately 6 questions regarding your overseas study experience.

ASIA2084: by Tessie Sun
Image: Tessie Sun: ASIA2084 (Modern Mongolia) Digital  Grant recipient, Winter Session 2018. “The Winter Palace was one of the residences of the Bogd Khan, the former Khagan (Emporer) of Mongolia, and following his death in 1924, it was turned into a museum. Randomly, during our tour of the Winter Palace, we walked right into the middle of a Mongolian drama they were shooting at the palace! While we were watching them film a scene, one of the main actors walked right off the set and proposed to his girlfriend, in front of the whole cast and crew, as the cameras were rolling - it was such a plot twist!"

Digital Grant Payments

The value of the CAP Digital Grants varies according to the length of the mobility program undertaken.
  • Short Course programs: $250
  • Semester in Asia: $500
  • Year in Asia: $1000 
Grant payments will be made after the submission of eligible visual content and accompanying captions or descriptions have been received from the Digital Grant recipient.
Students may also have the opportunity to discuss their overseas opportunity with a representative from the CAP Marketing team as additional content to be used in conjunction with the submissions.
In addition to the grant, students may be loaned camera equipment to use to capture imagery.

INDN2525 by Ben McCarthy
Image: Ben McCarthy: INDN2525 (Learning Language Locally, Indonesia). Digital Grant recipient Winter Session, 2017. The photograph was taken on Karimunjawa from the North Eastern view; beautiful.

How Will My Photo Be Used?

CAP will share visually engaging content through our online and published media channels to encourage more students to take part in our in-country programs. Our online channels include the College website and social media sites such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and Linkedin. Published channels include our guides, flyers, fact sheets and brochures.

All CAP Digital Grant recipients must agree to all the terms of the ANU release form. The College holds the copyright of any content submitted as part of the CAP Digital Grants program. The College may credit students for their content where possible.

YIA - Eileen Xie
Image: Eileen Xie: Year in Asia, Kyoto (Bachelor of Asia Pacific Studies, Year in Asia). Digital Grant recipient semester 2, 2018. "The Go’o shrine located around the corner from my dormitory is dedicated to boars. Born in the year of the pig myself, this shrine was a perfect place to experience Hatsumode (the first shrine visit of the Japanese New Year). A Japanese friend also told me that when giving donations, giving 11 yen is a sign of good fortune as 11 yen is pronounced ‘ii’ which means good in Japanese." 


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