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How to be a Good Ambassador

Regardless of who you are and where you are from, it is important to understand that while you are abroad, you are an ambassador representing both Canberra and the ANU. Individuals from the host country may see you as an example of Australian culture, Canberra and ANU culture.
It is important to be respectful and act accordingly at all times. Do your assignments, attend classes, show a genuine interest in the host country, learn as much as you can about the country you are going to and make the best of your time while abroad.
During your time abroad, you may be asked questions about ANU, Canberra and Australia. You have an important role in inspiring prospective students to come to ANU for exchange or study abroad.
On this page, we have gathered information that can help facilitate your role as a good ambassador. You can find some resources and materials you may need.
Remember that the more incoming exchange students ANU receive, the more ANU students can get a chance to go on exchange. You play a crucial role in providing opportunities for future students to get the same experience as you! If you require hard-copy of our brochures to be sent to you for promotional events purposes, please contact us via email.

Brochures and Printed materials
This brochure contains information about how to apply for exchange and study abroad to ANU. You can pass on this brochure to students at host institutions who are interested to come to ANU as an exchange or study abroad students!

College and courses information

Website for incoming exchange and study abroad students:

Useful tools when representing Canberra
Study Canberra Website:

Visit Canberra: