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Top Packing Tips

It is important to research the country you are going for to ensure that you are packing the right things. In addition to researching the weather and climate, it is equally important to research the culture to ensure that you are bringing appropriate clothes and items.

Some things you might want to consider while packing:

  • Be practical, bring staple clothing items – pack items that suit many occasions or needs. Remember that you will be washing clothes, so you don’t need to take every single piece of clothing you own.
  • Research both weather and culture to ensure that you pack the right types of clothes. For example, some universities in Indonesia require students to wear collared shirts to classes. 
  • Avoid wearing brand-new footwear when travelling to ensure that they won’t give you blisters while you are walking. 

  • Pack light – most people will usually accumulate or purchase more items while they are overseas. The more you carry overseas, the more you will have to carry home. Try to not fill up your entire luggage space.
  • Research your destination and purchase items that are cheaper (and easy to find) overseas. Believe it or not, there are shops in your host country! Consider packing travel-sized items to start – and purchase them in full-size later on. Carrying travel-sized items will significantly reduce the weight of your luggage!
  • Consider posting things overseas (or home). Purchasing extra luggage allowance on all of your flights can be very expensive. Depending on your destination, it might be cheaper to post your items in advance. You can also use the same strategy to mail things back to Australia. Not having to carry a semester worth of items around is especially handy if you are looking to travel before coming home.

  • Power board – rather than spending a lot of money on a couple of adaptors, you can just take your Australian power board from home and plug it into your adaptor! This way, you can charge multiple items all at once.
  • Universal travel adaptor – if you plan to travel to other countries during or after your program, it might be a good idea to purchase a universal travel adaptor instead of a country-specific travel adaptor to ensure that you can use it wherever you go. 
  • Pack a spare set of clothes in your carry-on luggage. In case your check-in luggage gets delayed.

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