ANU Global Programs Student Exchange Program

Welcome to the ANU Student Exchange Program site, where you can find out how to arrange to go on exchange! Applicants need to plan one year ahead for exchange. So please do come along to an Exchange Information session, listed on the Global Programs Facebook page and read up on how to plan your exchange.

Exchange for 2019 Semester Two is now open!

Exchange S2/2019: Application round now open in semester two (apply one year before the exchange semester).
Application period: Open 1 Sept 2018. Close 30 November 2018.
Allocation results: Results of exchange partner allocations out mid-February 2019.
Exchange information sessions: Check out Global Programs Facebook for sessions held in semester 2.
How to apply for exchange: View Applying for exchange overseas for next steps.
Timeline: View Exchange 2019 Semester 2 Timeline.
Exchagne Information presentation slides: Exchange Info Session - 2019 S2 presentation

Exchange for 2019 Semester One closed.

Exchange S1/2019: Application round closed. Students placed for exchange in S1 can refer to the presentations slides for all the next steps.
Application period: Open 15 March 2018. Close 31 May 2018.
Allocation results: Results of exchange partner allocations out 14 August 2018.
Exchange information sessions: Check out Global Programs Facebook for sessions held in semester 1.
Nomination briefings: applicants to attend either 26th or 27th July 2018 session.
Predeparture briefings: applicants to attend either 22nd or 23rd October 2018 session.
Exchange Information presentation slides: Exchange Info Session - 2019 S1 presentation
Nomination Briefing presentation slides: Exchange Nomination Briefing - 2019 S1 presentation
Pre-Departure presentation sessions: students must attend either session on 22 October or 23 October.

Before you apply please make sure you read the Exchange Guidelines and additional document on this page. Please note exchange is currently only available for undergraduate students.

* Go through the Applying for exchange overseas webpage for the steps.
* All students should research at least 5 partner universities and their course offerings.
* All students must obtain academic college approval with at least 24 ANU units available for exchange (College Endorsement Form must be signed).
* Applicants apply online via the Global Program System (complete all questions for all 5 applications – all boxes ticked).
* Upload College Endorsement Form (as well as a Language Approval Form, if relevant).
* All applicants are GPA ranked. Final GPAs are drawn from the final grade released end June (for S1 exchange) and end Nov (for S2 exchange). 
* Results of the exchange partner allocated to each student will be released and available on the Global Program System in mid-August (S1 exchange) and mid-February (S2 exchange).

At ANU we provide students with opportunities for study at amazing learning destinations around the world.  Studying overseas as part of your degree can provide personal and academic rewards, adding value to your ANU experience. Some benefits of participating in the ANU Global Programs student exchange program include:

Exchange program academic requirements and information

• Add an international dimension to your ANU degree.

• Broaden your education and participate in courses not offered at ANU.

• Make new friends and form networks around the world.

• Live in another culture while building skills and gaining knowledge to diversify your career options.

The ANU Global Programs student exchange program is open to domestic and international students enrolled in an undergraduate program at ANU. In some circumstances graduate students may be eligible.


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